Project Description

In the framework of the call “EAC/S03/13 – Preparatory action: European partnership on Sports”, the Municipal Public Benefit Organisation of Kavala submitted a proposal in the 3rd field of “Promoting traditional European sports and games” entitled «EUROPE IS OUR PLAYGROUND». In this call 135 proposals were submitted from European organisations, 4 were selected and among them only one from Greece, the one of the Municipality of Kavala.


The actions that are going to be organised are the following:

  • Research and recording of oral stories about traditional games – sports of the 5 partner countries,
  • international conference,
  • website construction,
  • educational internet game creation,
  • illustration, photography and creative writing competitions, where children of all ages will participate in,
  • publicity and marketing actions,
  • publication of a special album with material from the actions (photographs, drawings, creative writing essays, etc.),
  • demonstration events of traditional and ancient sports and games from five different countries of the E.U. (Culture-Sport Festival).

The actions of the project are aimed at the preservation and further promotion of traditional sports and games, they aspire to have children back on the streets and the traditional meaning of “neighbourhood”, with which the former generations grew up, laughed, played and created some of the strongest and most meaningful friendships of their lives, to take the livelihood and joy that it deserves!

Our greatest dream lies on trying with all our strengths, and always combining the givens of our time with older customs, to bring the life back to neighbourhoods and fill them up with voices, laughter and colours.

Here you can download the approved proposal.
Here you can see the other approved proposals of the call “EAC/S03/13 – Preparatory action: European partnership on Sports”.

Co-financed by the European Union

Purpose & Project Partners

The purpose of this proposal is to promote and revive traditional sports and games, diffuse knowledge through sports and recreation to the next generations, protect the intangible heritage and create bonds of friendship through sportsmanship, which is offered by athleticism and games.

Head of the project is the Municipal Public Benefit Organisation of Kavala “Dimofelia” and the partnership consists of:

Municipal Public Benefit Organisation of Kavala “Dimofelia”

Municipality of Nuremberg - Germany

Hellenic Foundation for Culture - Branch of Berlin – Germany

Municipality of Warsaw - Poland

Municipality of Strömstad - Sweden

Friends of the Museum Rousse – Bulgaria

Municipality of Varna – Bulgaria

Municipality of Bansko – Bulgaria

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