The Municipality of Varna is located in the Black Sea area, which has several similarities with the area of Kavala.

The two municipalities have developed a close cooperation in the cultural field with exchanges and other actions to increase the multi-cultural value of the areas.

The Administration of the Municipality of Varna ensures the implementation of laws, regulations and decisions of the City Council, which supports the Mayor in exercising his authority. Additionally, it provides technical assistance to the Mayor’s and the City Council’s activities.

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria. It is located in the north-eastern area of the country.

In the field of political youth, the city is internationally known as the capital of youth in Bulgaria. It is famous for the positive attitude of the authorities towards the problems and needs of youth.

The separate administration structure, which was created in 2005 known as the Department of Youth and Sports, is the first attempt of Bulgaria to decentralise the field of policy for youth.

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Municipality of Varna
Education, Youth and Sport Department

Osmi Primorski Polk 43,
Varna 9000, Bulgaria
Yordan Dyankov


The city of Bansko neighbours the city of Kavala, and due to this geographical vicinity the Municipalities of the two cities have a long-standing and close cooperation regarding participation in programme partnerships for the inter-border area.

Moreover, they often organise cultural exchanges and they promote initiatives for local, cultural and financial development.

The Municipality of Bansko is located in south-western Bulgaria and it is one of the municipalities of the “Blagoevgrad Province”.

The tourist entrepreneurship has strategic importance for the development of public finances in the Municipality of Bansko. This is the most dynamic and fast-growing field of the Municipality.

The city is widely known as a tourist centre which is visited by nature and winter sports enthusiasts throughout the year.

Bansko offers its visitors the best conditions for sports, recreation and entertainment in Bulgaria. The 75 kilometres of excellently preserved and safe ski slopes are available to skiers and snowboarders.

Finally, the employees of the Municipality possess vast experience in European Programmes and participate in several partnerships, in which they cooperate with Greek local authorities.

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Municipality of Bansko

2770 Bansko,
1 “Nikola Vaptzarov” square,
Tanya Stancheva Dzhupanova,
Head of Мayor’s cabinet of Bansko


The Museum Rousse develops significant activities regarding the promotion of cultural heritage and the active participation of young people, through educational museum programmes based on a variety of tangible and intangible cultural possessions, some of which involve traditional games and sports.

The presence of the Museum in the partnership is particularly important, since it contributes to the cultural expression of the project that is related to the intangible cultural heritage.

The Museum is responsible for supporting the exhibitions of the museum, the preservation of local memory and promotion of various forms of cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, the cooperation with local groups, the diffusion and preservation of traditional values – qualities, arts, local cuisine, traditional sports and games.

Furthermore, it is responsible for organising regular festivals and exhibitions, like the “Night at the Museum”, “Children’s night at the museum”, historic representations, street theatre, etc.

Last, it carries out educational programmes in museums, children academies, etc.

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Friends of the Museum

7000 Rousse, Bulgaria,
3 Battenberg sq
Nikolay Nenov

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