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Creative Writing Student Competition
“Free time – Sports and games”

Dimofelia, within the framework of the “Europe is our playground” project, has decided to carry out three children and teenager competitions and invite the students of primary and secondary education to express their thoughts, perceptions and propositions related to ancient and traditional sports and games in a creative way.

The participation of students and their connection with sports and games was the catalyst for the realisation of this competition, not in the spirit of antagonism, but in connection to traditional sports and games.

In cooperation with the four partners, Poland, Sweden, Bulgaria and Germany, the student activities director of the secondary education and the philologist union of the Municipality of Kavala the implementation of the creative writing competition was decided for students of junior high schools. Its topic was the following:

“What would happen if we had woken up a day of October and Kavala was named “Gamesportopolis”, and:
it had neighbourhoods instead of streets?
no cars but bikes, roller-blades, skateboards and boats?
there were no game consoles?
schools were converted into sport and entertainment areas?
the city had no adults, just children?
We invent our stories for an unexpected day in Kavala, the city of children, sports and games!

The purpose of the creative writing competition is the promotion of the aesthetic education to students, its connection to Education and traditional sports and games and the cultivation of sportsmanship among students.

Our little authors through the programme will:

  • improve their linguistic capabilities,
  • encourage their creative thinking,
  • boost their confidence,
  • promote the values of collaboration and mutual assistance,
  • be stimulated to return to the neighbourhoods and actively participate in actions of the local community,
  • have the opportunity to express their views of the topic.


  1. The first winner will be awarded a tablet with e-books, while the second and third will be awarded books.
  2. The best works will be published on the sites:, and, while there is a possibility that they will be printed as well.
  3. All the students who will participate will be awarded with a commemorating diploma in a special award ceremony which will be realised within the framework of the international inter-scientific conference of the project, at the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse, on the 14th December 2014.
School Participations

Voting process

  • You can vote through the “Europe is our playground” facebook page, by clicking “Like” on the participation that you like or
  • By sending an e-mail at either attaching the work (the photo is a jpeg file) or stating the class and school of the project.

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