Demonstration Events of Games & Sports

This action was formed through the “Demonstration Festival of Sports and Games – Ftu que pezi”, which took place in Kavala, from 23rd to 27th June 2014. The main goal of the action was for the children and adults to get back out to the neighbourhoods to play, communicate, and entertain themselves. Through the presentation of traditional and ancient sports and games and the identification of similarities, differences and variation that they present per generation and European country, the sensitisation of the new generation and their parents was sought for the preservation of the intangible cultural heritage.

Games, colours, dance, music, laughter, entertainment, creativity, excitement, expression, emotions… This was the demonstration festival of sports and games “Ftu que pezi”.

The activities of the Festival gave children joy and pleasure, they taught them to win and lose, to appreciate and respect their teammates and opponents of different ages and nationalities, and also to conform and obey the formal and informal rules of the games and sports. Moreover, children and adults from five different countries shared moments, worked and played together, regardless of the language barrier, the different experiences and the age difference.

Before the festival, the first meeting of the partner countries was realised in March 2014 to discuss the proposals of the lead partner for both this and the remaining actions of the project. Afterwards, every partner carried out sociological research and recordings with elderly people, conducted reports and then the selection of the representing game or sport of each partner country was made.

Within the festival framework, everyday one of the five countries that participated in the programme presented its sport-game at a certain neighbourhood. Five countries, five neighbourhoods, five days dedicated to traditional and ancient sports and games.

Instructors and volunteers who participated in the programme demonstrated the regulations of the games to the children who attended the festival. The teams of children were composed based on their age. Apart from the honoured games and sports, other traditional games of the “neighbourhood” were played.

At the same time with the games and sports activities, workshops for the creative expression of children were carried out, which were strongly connected to traditional sports and games. Handiwork, crafts and creations inspired by children and parents were another activity of the festival. Every event was accompanied by one or more music ensembles.

The 10,000 visitors of all ages during the Festival proved to us that only positive disposition and participation are necessary to create something beautiful.

Now that we have put away the games, drawings and handicrafts, we have to thank some people and groups who inspired and offered a part of their soul and time for the implementation of the Festival.

More precisely:

  1. The group “Paramythades, Group of study, preservation and promotion of Folk Fairytales and Games”, the philologist Iraklis Lampadariou for the educational programme “Let’s stay in the Castle, back to the… past with a game!”, the museologist Aniela Papadopoulou for the educational programmes “Let’s exercise… in Ancient Greece” and “Construction of ancient Greek games”, the artist Christos Dimitriou for drawing caricatures, the professional sport group of Kavala Team Impossible for demonstrating free running, the Friends of Astronomy of Eastern Macedonia association for the astronomic observation, the Municipal Vegetable Garden for the workshop “We play by planting!”, Efi Koresoglou for the educational programmes “Let’s make and play with Iygges” and “Let’s play Ancient Greek games”, the graffiti team with N. Kitsoukakis and M. Toumanidis, the group Tik – Nik for their balloon constructions and the puppet show “Funny Stories” Greek Guiding Association and the Lyceum Club of Greek Women of Kavala for the themed game “From Ancient Olympia… to your neighbourhood”, the shadow theatre company “The fairytales of Karagiozis” for the Karagiozis performance “Alexander the Great and the enigmas of the Vizier’s daughter”, Vasilis Ioannou and Stathis Panagiotopoulos for the presentation of the activities, the Chess Club of Kavala, the Artattack group for the workshop “Let’s make paper ships”.
  2. The Cultural Organisations of the Municipality of Kavala, that participated in the Festival from its preparatory period, the Management Board of the Cultural Association of Panagia “The Castle” and the members of the association for their tremendous help during the filming of the television spot, the Management Board of the Cultural Association of Ag. Lucas for their support on the third day of the Festival, the, 1st Special school of Kavala and the teachers Mylopoulou Katerina, Mylopoulou Dimitra and Stefanidou Panagiota, the group «Kroko and Lino», the group “Dryades en Plo” γfor the workshop “Chorochroma through traditional games”, and the choreographer – dance therapist Karapanagioti Maria, President of the Artistic Company, the choreographer Kissas Christos, manager of the dance group of people with disabilities “Dance and the Mind”, the volunteer organisation “The Smile of the Child”, “Doctors of the World”, the Volunteer Group against Cancer, the organisation “Thessaloniki – European Youth Capital 2014”, the students of KDAP – MEA of Dimofelia, their training instructor Iosifidou Andrianna and the managers of the centre Misserian Zisa, Georgiadou Evaggelia, Papaioannou Katerina and Melissopoulou Elisavet, the students of the 1st Special School of Kavala and its Principal Kelesi Dimitra, the Municipal Dance School of DIMOFELIA, and especially its artistic director Vasiloudi Kiki and the dance teacher Katenicheva Elena who supported the groups of people with disabilities and the Child Protection Department of Kavala, of the Social Welfare Prefecture of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, at which was dedicated the final day of the Festival.
  3. The Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Kavala, the band Pasta Tomato, DJs Moody Sanchez and Dimitris Mihos, Th. Parmenidis, M. Mylonidou and A. Koutsoumpakis, the band The gangsters of love, the “Neapolis Music Conservatoire”, the street band “Kroustofono” and last the music group Maraveyas ilegál for the unique sounds they offered us.
  4. The crew of the Deputy Mayor’s office for Cleaning and Green and the Technical Department of the Municipality of Kavala, the Municipality of Paggeo for providing the pawns for the outdoor chess board, the Departments of Primary and Secondary Education of Kavala, the Department of Physical education and especially teachers Gerakini Efi, Aslanidis Dimitis, Kryonas Dimitris and Pikazis Theodoros for planning and executing the sports and games.
  5. The photographer Evripidis Mouratidis for his exceptional work and daily presence, Anastasia Skipetari, architect-videographer, for the imaginative and creative editing of the television spot and her daily filming.
  6. The Swedish Institute of Athens and especially the Swedish House of Kavala and its manager Goultidou Eleni for the accommodation of the representatives of the Swedish delegation, the Port Organisation of Kavala S. A. and its president and managing director Christos Iliadis for their kind support in implementing the festival, the company Diamantis Masoutis A. E. for their sponsorship, Kiourtsoglou Ioannis, interpreter, for showing the delegations around the city of Kavala, the Greek Red Cross: Samaritans, Rescuers and Lifeguards Corp for their invaluable daily presence at the area of the events, the media sponsors Citypedia and the Σαΐτα Publications, the Youth of Volunteerism and Development of Kavala and the younger volunteers who spontaneously participated in the actions of the Festival, for their enormous support.

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