Exhibition of Traditional Objects

Many years ago, all the children played in neighbourhoods, squares, yards, parks, and countryside. The first games that they learnt were traditional, folk games: hide and seek, chase, hopscotch, long donkey, leash, barrels, stone war, clockmaker, jumping rope … To carry out the aforementioned and other games they used everyday materials like: wire, rope, paper, fabric, metallic boxes, stones etc. Within the project’s framework, Dimofelia will go forward to organise an object, tool and material Exhibition which is related to ancient and traditional games and sports. The purpose of the exhibition is for the younger generations to be familiarised with sports and games of the past and their evolution through time, to get in touch with objects and materials that were used by their ancestors to entertain themselves, to be able to perceive their style and understand through these objects the socioeconomic environment of the past years. Also, this particular exhibition will be an exceptional opportunity for youngsters to realise that games and sports are not as much connected to money and gaining material objects and gadgets, as are to the inherent need of man to be entertained and express oneself through his body and mind. Finally, the participants will be able to build toys/games from recyclable materials, while at the same time they will be provided with stimuli to choose a creative action for the group game. This action can bring to the mind of older regenerations memories from their childhood in the neighbourhood.

The exhibition will include:

  • Toy-objects of the ancient Greek and Byzantine era.
  • Games of modern and after-war Greece.
  • Games of folk festivals.
  • Preparatory games for adult life.

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