The Municipality of Nuremberg is the twin city of the Municipality of Kavala and is active in a wide range of municipal, national and European programmes. The Municipality of Nuremberg is a particularly active organisation that implements various initiatives in areas like entrepreneurship, education, culture, social welfare, youth and athleticism. The two twin cities have accomplished to preserve a long-term partnership between people and organisations in their countries, through a wide range of exchanges, projects, European programmes and initiatives. More precisely, they have managed to exchange employees of their municipalities, participate in commercial and tourist exhibitions, organise cultural events, exchange know-how on utilising natural resources, participate in sport events and collaborate on co-financed programmes as partners. This long-lasting and fruitful relationship guarantees the implementation of any joint action.

In 1991, the city of Nuremberg established the International Relations Department with the aim to successfully manage foreign relations. The department manages financial, cultural, co-financed and administrative programmes, the relationships with the twin cities of Nuremberg, and also the participation in the European City Network, EUROCITIES. The department of international relations collaborates with the Sports Office of the city of Nuremberg, which has great experience in large sporting events and collaborates with numerous organisations of the city. The city of Nuremberg has sport facilities for citizens of all ages, which are managed by “Postsport-Verein”, the largest and most popular organisation in Germany with 14,000 members and 21 departments. Citizens and visitors can enjoy public areas in and around Nuremberg, sport facilities, parks, forests and lakes for their athletic and recreational activities.

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City of Nuremberg
Department for International Relations

Hans-Sachs-Platz 2
90403 Nuremberg 
Mrs Beate Kreisl
+49 (0)911 231-5050
+49 (0)911 231-5052


The Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Berlin supports and promotes the Greek culture in the German-speaking Europe.

Since 1995, which is the year the branch was founded; it is housed in the centre of Berlin and has established a library and a multiple events space.

Its work mainly focuses on art exhibitions presentation, literary readings, theatre and film projects from Greece, lectures and seminars organisation, operating the library, providing general information about cultural matters and offering Greek language courses.

The principle of the Foundation is to provide grounds for dialogue and mediate between the Greek culture and the culture of the country that hosts its activities. As a result, it collaborates closely with German-speaking organisations during the planning of events, a small part of which are hosted in its location.

The foundation is active in the cultural field. Naturally, its main focus changes every now and then, according to the current cultural and political conditions.

The Berlin Branch emphasises on the importance of spreading the Greek language, which is accomplished by offering language courses at various levels since its establishment. These courses are attended by around 100 students annually.

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The Hellenic Foundation for Culture (Berlin branch)

Griechische Kulturstiftung,

Am Monbijouplatz 12,
101 78 Berlin
Dr. Eleni Varopoulou
+ 49 30 2143386
+ 49 30 2143287
+ 49 30 2143486

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