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Traditional games, the ones we all know from our childhood, are defined by common characteristics: they have certain rules of playing and they dictate the interaction of the players in a certain way. They also have restrictions which are sometimes related to the space and time of their conduct, other times with the number of players, and so on.

The new tendency of entertainment in the digital era attempts to bridge the gap between traditional and electronic games by utilising the positive aspects of them both and by minimising the restrictions.

Therefore, the proposal could not omit this modern tendency in the field of technology and recreation, and included the action which involved the creation of an online game. Bearing in mind the time children spend in front of the computer and wanting to encourage them to play a game, probably substantially different from the modern ones, and at the same time substantially familiar to everyone, we thought to create a game for an electronic European neighbourhood. The selection was made with a lot of love and care, since it is mainly addressed to children.

This online game is in English which will make it accessible to the whole world.

Game Demo

Pacman Game


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