Local contact and promotion points

The main objectives of networking are the creation of a strong partner network in the European cities of the partnership, the continuation of the actions of the project, the collaboration after the termination of the co-financed period and the co-operation and co-submission of proposals to other European-financed calls.

We will mutually try so that this network will enable the participation of local and prefectural bodies and youth groups which are already involved or desire to be involved in the areas of culture, sport and education and offer them opportunities for structured dialogue and cultural exchange. Moreover, the partnership and especially the lead partner, DIMOFELIA, intend to develop, enrich, enforce and promote the existing local actions, initiatives and structures, while promising to provide easy access to the international exchange of knowledge and experiences.

More precisely, this action aims at strengthening the youth and promoting its ideas, by creating local information points in each partner city, which will assist in a lot of the aforementioned activities. In particular, the partners with the assistance of volunteers will act as mediators between the partnership and each local authority, by supporting the promotion and implementation of relevant events and initiatives. Last, the involved members will be responsible for the collection of data that pertain to the intangible cultural heritage and especially the part that involves the ancient and traditional games, they will update and promote them, they will manage the online platforms and social media, and they will inform the public about all the planned actions.

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