Main Research

Games and sports have always been a means of expression and socialisation for children and adults. Games and sports are movement, thus experiences, action and life, and they are more ancient than civilisation.

The purpose of the research process was to realise:

  • the investigation of the timeless dimension of sports and games through the memory of the middle-aged and elderly people,
  • the recording of intangible heritage and
  • the extraction of information and their presentation and promotion within the framework of the demonstration Festival.

The research process was implemented in two stages:
Primary research: it focused on reading, evaluating and collecting scientific sources, namely books of Greek and international literature.
The assistance of the academic community of Kavala was invaluable in the local research. Books, texts, reports and personal experiences have enforced the seriousness of the whole attempt. School units which have conducted student essays on research and recording of traditional games and sports have provided with great pleasure the material they had collected to assist in the documentation of the research.

Secondary research: the research process continued with the collection, evaluation and processing of the volume of information, leading ultimately to the composition of the basic instrument for recording the oral testimonies, the questionnaire.

We would like to thank the professor, Mr Karagiannakidis Nikos, historian, for the republication rights of his research work.
We would like to thank the 5th Junior high school of Kavala, for providing us with the essay “The games we played”, 2003.

The reports of the researches of the partner countries are posted on the following link: Reports

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