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Photography Competition entitled
“Play and Shoot! Reveal your city”

Dimofelia, within the framework of the “Europe is our playground” project, has decided to carry out three children and teenager competitions and invite the students of primary and secondary education to express their thoughts, perceptions and propositions related to ancient and traditional sports and games in a creative way.

Photography is an art which is expressed perfectly by amateurs. This competition is addressed to amateurs and more precisely, to youth, since their point of view can teach and reveal to us unseen worlds of games and sports. The purpose of the competition is for the children to know and came into direct contact with traditional sports and games through photography.

The young participants are invited to capture with whichever photographic medium they desire and possess (camera, mobile phone, smart device etc) whatever they consider and understand as relative.

Students are thus invited to capture moments irrelevant to their school activities that are accompanied by intense creative flair. They can choose from the wide range of their everyday lives the moment they feel more at liberty to manage the way they desire. This part of their life is game and sport.

Their look can be set free to either capture moments of the young (of all ages) that play and exercise, or freeze the time and space citizens have for themselves, their free time and give it the dimension they desire.

For the topic of the competition, the Department of Development consulted and worked with the school activities director of secondary education and a member of the photography club of Kavala.

More precisely the selected topic for the competition of the secondary education students is:

“Play and Shoot! Reveal your city!”
Keywords: games, sports, nature, neighbourhoods, urban landscape, sports infrastructures, playgrounds


  1. 1. The first three winners will be awarded a subscription to a photography seminar by the Photography Group of Kavala, whose cost will by covered by Dimofelia.
  2. The best works will be published on the sites:, και, while there is a possibility that they will be printed as well.
  3. All the students who will participate will be awarded with a commemorating diploma in a special award ceremony which will be realised within the framework of the international inter-scientific conference of the project, at the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse, on the 14th December 2014.
School Participations

Voting process

  • You can vote through the “Europe is our playground” facebook page, by clicking “Like” on the participation that you like or
  • By sending an e-mail at either attaching the work (the photo is a jpeg file) or stating the class and school of the project.

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