Project Coordination

Dimofelia operates in a wide range of activities (festival and cultural actions promotion, support and organisation of sporting events etc.) and can ensure the continuous support from local bodies and social organisations on relevant events on multiple levels. Dimofelia has undertaken during the last decade a remarkable number of projects in a wide range of scientific or/and experiential fields. To support these actions, it has created a substantial reservoir of highly qualified and experienced executives.

Dimofelia, as the lead partner, is responsible for:

(In relation to Technical – Process matters)

  1. The management of the partnership and the coordination of the basic tasks, under the supervision of a management team, for the smooth development and operation of the actions.
  2. The management of the project team of the partnership.
  3. The preparation and drafting of the terms of the contracts and subcontracts.
  4. The development and application of administration and monitoring project tools and practices (special charts, progress reports, evaluations etc.).
  5. The supervision of the responsible team for administrative and financial matters, accounting records etc.
  6. The completion and audit of administrative documents, technical and financial reports, to be submitted to the management authority.

(In relation to Implementation matters)

  1. The acceptance, review and evaluation of the individual proposals made by the Partners, Cultural Organisations, Universities (Greek and International), NGOs, Athletic Unions, Volunteer Groups etc.
  2. The elaboration of the final programme, after it has been accepted by the partners.
  3. The organisation and planning of all the promotional events in Greece and abroad.

Additionally, each project partner is responsible for:

  1. The execution of the assigned activities, according to the submitted proposal and the partner agreement contract.
  2. The delivery of relative reports to the lead partner, within the defined timeline.
  3. The collaboration on planning the content of the actions, wherever it is considered necessary.

The Project Team (P.E.):

  • Consists of a Project Manager and Technical and Administrative staff, with the primary objective to cover the complete package of commitments that have been undertaken for the implementation of the project.
  • Consists of executives from the Development and Environment Department: Lazaros Sarigiannidis, Vassiliki Ypsilanti, Nina Stratilati, the head of the Cultural Department: Alkistis Vlachou, and the head of the Sports and Education Department: Thanasi Papanikolaou. The supervision of the financial issues was handled by the Department of Administration and Financial Management.
  • Acts under the direction of the Development and Environment Department of the Lead Partner, which has vast experience on implementing co-financed projects.
  • Ensures the operational and financial management of the project as a whole unit, and the fulfilment of all the requirements and commitments which arise from the relative rules and regulations.
  • Operates on a daily base throughout the duration of the Execution Phase of the project, to its completion and the submission of the final report.
  • Uses all the potential means of communication, such as telephone, social media, e-mail, project website etc.

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