The Municipality of Stromstad belongs to the state of Västra Götaland of western Sweden and it is located at the boarder with Norway, with a population of just 12,500 people.

It actively participates in the partnership due to the recommendation it received from the branch of the Swedish Institute in Kavala which is housed at the “Swedish House”. Therefore, the collaboration of the two Municipalities though the project “Europe is our playground” sets the beginning of an interesting partnership in matters of culture and sports.

The Municipality of Stromstad is responsible for education, libraries, electronic services, social health, public transportation, culture, recreation, environment, music schools, security, technical services, social welfare, recycling, etc.

In Stromstad there are more than 50 organisations which operate in the field of games and sports.

Annually, the Municipality organised several large-scale competitions, which attract a lot of participants from all over the world (Grenserittet, Strömstads-mile, Shrimp Hope etc.)

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Municipality of Stromstad

Strömstads kommun,
452 80 Strömstad
Sveza Daceva Filipova

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