Technical Meetings

Within the framework of the project “Europe is our playground”, from its beginning till now, three technical meetings has been realised among the partners, regarding the proper management and planning of the technical and financial parameters of the project.

The first technical meeting was carried out on 19th March 2014 in Kavala. During its two-day duration the following important issues were discussed:

  • Purpose and landmarks of the project
  • Timeline and budget analysis
  • Work packages analysis
  • Description of the role of each partner
  • Logo selection
  • Administrative matters – Reports

This meeting was attended by representatives of each project partner and the delegate of the Sports Unit of the European Union, Mr Marcelo Corrado. A detailed description of the discussions of the first technical meeting can be found here.

The second technical meeting was realised on 15th June 2014 through video conference with the partners. Its main objective was the verification of the games-sports that would represent each country at the Festival of July, as they occurred from the Main Research and Recording of Oral Stories (Actions 2.5 and 2.3, respectively) and the settlement of issues pertaining to transportation and accommodation of the partners during the Festival.

The third technical meeting was carried out on the final day of the Festival (27.07.2014) in the city of Kavala. The development of the project was discussed, some potential pendencies in current deliverables were raised, and the following steps based on the original timeline and budget were defined. Finally, the main prerequisites of the following conference were stated and the relevant proposals for its flawless implementation were discussed.

Apart from the aforementioned formal technical meeting, some informal internal meetings were carried out either between the project team of Dimofelia and other internal business authorities, or between the project team of Dimofelia and volunteer groups, cultural and sporting bodies, etc. These meetings were not part of the planned meetings of the project team, but their primary aim was the improvement of the individual actions of the project and the creation of added value to the original plan.

An overview of the previously mentioned meetings is presented in the following table.

Overview of the meetings

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