Workshops – Εργαστήρια

The project team of “Europe is our playground”, taking into consideration contemporary tendencies and needs, and desiring to holistically approach the object of the project, incorporated in the implementation plan a series of workshops which complemented two of the main actions of the project, the conference and the demonstration festival of ancient and traditional sports and games.

Therefore, in the framework of the five-day Festival of traditional sports and games “Ftu que pezi” various experiential workshops were carried out themed after ancient and traditional games, which motivated children to participate, acquire knowledge and experiences and above all, have fun.

The daily schedule was complemented with two or three experiential workshops, in which the visitors of the Festival participated enthusiastically. Overall, the following workshops were carried out:

  • Let’s stay in the Castle, back to the… past with a game!
  • Let’s exercise… in Ancient Greece
  • We play by planting
  • Let’s make and play with Iygges
  • Let’s make and play with tops
  • Let’s construct ancient Greek games
  • Let’s play Ancient Greek games
  • Great painters design games
  • From Ancient Olympia… to your neighbourhood
  • Let’s make paper ships
  • Chorochroma through traditional games
  • Cup Song music workshop

The group “Paramythades, Group of study, preservation and promotion of Folk Fairytales and Games” inspired and created, exclusively for the Festival, the story of Pelopidas and Dalia, which evolved daily into an enigma based on the city’s history and various traditional sports and games. Moreover, they carried out the workshop “Let’s make and play with tops”, thus, showing the young and the elders how to create and play with the traditional top.

The educational programme “Let’s stay in the Castle, back to the… past with a game”, by philologist Iraklis Lampadariou, brought children and adults into contact with the history of the Castle of Kavala by constructing traditional games.

The museologist Aniela Papadopoulou and the experiential workshops “Let’s exercise… in Ancient Greece” and “Construction of ancient Greek games”, disseminated the meaning of ancient sports.

The Municipal Vegetable Garden carried out the workshop “We play by planting!”, which highlighted the ecological dimension of game.

Efi Koresoglou with the educational programmes “Let’s make and play with Iygges” and “Let’s play Ancient Greek games”, promoted the notion that tradition can be preserved and disseminated to future generations.

The Cultural and Artistic Association of Women Painters of Kavala presented the workshop “Great painters design games”, where the relationship between sports and games, and painting was expressed.

The Greek Guiding Association and the Lyceum Club of Greek Women of Kavala with the experiential workshop “From Ancient Olympia… to your neighbourhood”, demonstrated through games, the history of sports and games and their course through time.

The Artattack team, organised the workshop “Let’s make paper ships”, and taught children how to make a paper ship, whose tradition and technique is lost in the centuries.

The choreographer – dance therapist Karapanagioti Maria, President of the Artistic Company “Dryades En Plo”, Kissas Christos, choreographer and manager of the dance group of people with disabilities “Dance and the Mind”, the students of KDAP – MEA of DIMOFELIA, with their training instructor Iosifidou Andrianna and the managers of the centre Misserian Zisa, Georgiadou Evaggelia, Papaioannou Katerina and Melissopoulou Elisavet, the students of the 1st Special School of Kavala and its Principal Kelesi Dimitra, the Municipal Dance School of DIMOFELIA, and especially its artistic director Vasiloudi Kiki and the dance teacher Katenicheva Elena who supported the aforementioned groups of people with disabilities, presented the workshop “Chorochroma through traditional games”, and deeply moved all the visitors of the Festival, by demonstrating the ability of expressing and understanding sports and games through dance.

Finally, the Municipal Committee of Youth of Volunteerism & Development of Kavala, organised the music workshop “Cups Song”, which involved the unique sound of tapping glasses. They taught the project partners the above song and they all presented it, which made them realise that music unites people, promotes solidarity and bridges cultural differences among countries.

Within the framework of the International Conference, which was realised in December 2014, DIMOFELIA organised experiential workshops for children, teenagers, parents and educators. These workshops were carried out at different locations, regarding the topic which was developed in each of them separately.

The experiential workshop themed “The game in toy libraries”, which was carried out at the location of KDAP – mea of Kavala by the educator Ms Nikolaidou, was addressed to educators and employees of social structures and dealt with how people with special needs play.

At the cultural centre “Pythagoras”, two workshops were carried out simultaneously, for educators and children. Ms Penteri, implemented the workshop which was addressed to educators, entitled “Construction of games with pedagogic content” and Mr Exarxhos implemented the workshop for children entitled “Construction of games by using various materials”.

Finally, the experiential workshop of creating a fairytale was carried out at the Municipal Tobacco Warehouse of Kavala and the Halil Mpei Mosque, and the experiential workshop themed “Games and P/C” by the professor Mr Kirginas was carried out at the Municipal Library.

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